BLACK JOURNALISTS With A Commitment To Community Service

From radio to television to print, African-American media professionals have had a voice in shaping our changing world as we set a precedent for excellence and greatness. Through communication, we have the opportunity to influence our young, create growth in our communities, and challenge society to an even higher standard of morals and values.

The Columbus Association of Black Journalists is a professional media organization that is:

Ø Committed to fair and accurate coverage and portrayals of the African-American community.

Ø Committed to fair treatment of African-Americans working within the media.

Ø An affiliate of the National Association of Black Journalists.

Subscribe to the CABJ Listserv

To have your e-mail address added to the CABJ listserv, send an e-mail request to [email protected]

Attend a meeting

Our meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month at the offices of the Columbus Post Newspaper, 172 East State Street,

Downtown, Columbus, Ohio. Membership is open to print and broadcast journalists, freelance writers, journalism graduates, mass communication educators, producers, directors, photographers, videographers, public relations practitioners and students.

Our goals are to…

To serve as a network and support group for African Americans working in various media fields (newspaper, radio, television, advertising, public relations, journalism as well as communications-oriented educators)

To identify and work with black students in high school college and encourage them to become journalists.

To provide opportunities for professional and cultural growth and development as well as opportunities for social interaction.

To serve as a resource and liaison for the African-American community in obtaining coverage of newsworthy events.

To be an exemplary group of professionals who honor excellent and outstanding achievements among African-American journalists or any journalist who is making strides in dispelling negative stereotypes about the African-American community.

To sensitize the media to institutional racism in its coverage and employment practices.